Disposable Antimicrobial Non-Slip Urinal Mats (6-Pack in Black)

This is a case of 6 disposable urinal mats with an attractive black textured top and a non-slip backing, from Modern Industrial.  These mats are antimicrobial so they will reduce odors in commercial and public restrooms by eliminating bacteria (antibacterial).  They also serve as a safety device as well due to the non-slip backing and fast-drying materials used.

Most organizations choose to change these mats out about once every 4 to 6 weeks.  The low price point and discount on a case of 6 urinal mats makes this an excellent economical choice.

The condition of your facilities – aesthetic appearance, smell, etc. – play a key role in how your customers and partners perceive your business or organization.  Don’t make a poor impression with messy restroom floors.  Instead, use our disposable urinal mats and urinal screens to send the right message and make a great first impression.

These disposable urinal mats are proudly Made in the USA.