PVC Pipe: Sch 40, Sch 80, CPVC, Clear, etc.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes are used more than any other type of pipe product thanks to their corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and flexibility in accommodating a range of applications. From residential plumbing to chemical processing in manufacturing plants and even protecting electrical wires buried underground, PVC pipes serve an array of important purposes.

PVC pipes come in 4 basic types, each used for different kinds of applications:  Schedule 40, Schedule 80, CPVC, and DWV.  Whichever your need, if you are looking to buy PVC pipe online, then you’ve come to the right place!  Just click on which type of PVC pipe you need below, and then select your size (diameter).

  • Schedule 40 PVC Pipe (White, “Standard” for most residential uses)
  • Schedule 80 PVC Pipe (Higher temperature and PSI)
  • CPVC Pipe (Schedule 80 CPVC)
  • Clear PVC Pipe

Custom-Length PVC Pipe

By default, we sell all of our pipe in 5-foot lengths as this enables us to ship them via UPS at the best possible rates.  When customers need longer lengths, they typically just buy multiple pieces and then connect them with either a coupling or other fittings, which we also carry in-stock.  However, if you need longer lengths like 10-foot or 20-foot pieces then we can help.  We’ll have to provide you with a custom quote as those lengths must be shipped via freight, and in some cases require a few extra days.  Our goal is to be your PVC pipe distributor of choice for all of your future needs.