Fresh Scent = Happy Customers

Modern Industrial offers janitorial supplies & cleaning solutions that help your organization put its best foot forward, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Facility Management, Janitorial and MRO Supplies…Made Easy!

You have a facility to manage. Maybe several of them. So don’t waste your time with complicated ordering systems or waiting around for weeks for the products you need to arrive. Modern Industrial offers top-quality facility maintenance and MRO supplies that you can purchase quickly, that ship quickly, and at competitive prices. Check out our product line today and give us a chance to impress you with your first order.

Featured Janitorial Supplies

Urinal Screens

Our scented urinal screens work to help keep your organization’s public restroom facilities clean and fresh-smelling.  Check out our line of urinal screens and place your order online.

Urinal Mats

Urinal mats help reduce slippage and also enhance the appearance of your restrooms, presenting a great impression for your customers or business partners. Take a look at our disposable urinal mats and buy a case online with speedy shipping.

What Our Customers Say:

“Best urinal mats for commercial use. No stains, no smell.”
– Amazon Customer

“Lots of compliments on the freshness of the restroom not only from customers, but also visiting managers.”
– Joshua Nicodemus

“The urinal screen works great. Odor is pleasant but not overwhelming.”
– Pat Cartwright

From our blog: