1-1/2″ DWV PVC P-Trap w/ Cleanout (P707X-015)

Product Description

This 1-1/2″ DWV PVC P-trap with cleanout is now in stock and ready to ship! PVC Fittings Online has a huge selection of pipes and fittings to help you complete your project. This fitting has H x H ends. Use it in any non-pressurized application.
Material: PVC
Max Temperature: 140F
Standards: ASTM D 3311, 1866, 1784
Listings: NSF 14 Certified
This is an excellent 1-1/2 inch fitting that combines two very useful functions. First, the P-trap holds water to provide a water-seal that helps to provide sewer gases from leaking into your home. Second, this particular fitting also has a cleanout access point that makes it easy to unclog.