PVC Wafer Check Valves

PVC wafer check valves are available online from Modern Industrial. Also referred to as dual-plate valves, these plumbing parts feature a rotating disc that can open and close the valve. This enables the wafer check valve to allow flow when fluid is moving in the forward direction, and the valve closes automatically once the flow stops to prevent any backflow from occurring. 

The PVC wafer check valves we offer are a smaller option to some of the other valves available. Their slim design allows them to occupy less space in a plumbing system, so they are ideal for circumstances that require a valve where not a lot of space is available. Even though they are smaller, PVC wafer check valves are able to function just as well as swing check valves.

Since PVC wafer check valves are smaller in size than some of the other check valve options available, they are even easier to install. These pieces are able to slip between flanges, and gaskets are not necessary to keep them in place within the pipeline system.

If you are not familiar with PVC wafer check valves, it is also important to note that they feature stickers on the side that indicate the direction that fluids should flow through them.

We have PVC wafer check valves available in a variety of sizes, so there is a piece that will fit properly and serve nearly every application or pipeline system. Since they are constructed out of high-quality PVC material, they are able to withstand a wide array of elements. For example, they have the capabilities to resist corrosion from the elements naturally found in the soil. They are frequently used in projects such as aquaculture or irrigation systems, but their versatility also allows them to be used in laboratories and manufacturing applications. 

Other key features:

  • PVC material that can withstand corrosive materials
  • Ideal for underground and outdoor applications
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and dependable 

Check out the PVC wafer check valves available from Modern Industrial, and get the pieces you need to complete your project. We stand by the quality of everything that we offer, so you can rest assured you are making a smart investment for your pipeline system. Give us a call or send us an email if you have a question or need assistance. We are here for you!

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