PVC Ball Check Valves

When preventing backflow is a priority, PVC check valves are the ideal solution for your application. PVC ball check valves are one-way valves designed to automatically release the pressure from pressurized systems without causing backflow into the system. This makes PVC ball check valves advantageous for applications where backflow could cause contamination, damage, or other harm.

PVC ball check valves can protect pumps and equipment from costly damage resulting from backflow, saving you money and reducing downtime from valve failure. Thanks to their durable design and excellent physical properties, PVC ball check valves require little maintenance and are long lasting.

PVC is a low-maintenance material, which makes it perfect for ball check valves. These valves are easy to access, making replacing and cleaning them a breeze. Internal components can easily be removed without breaking apart the entire system.

As a material, it’s hard to match the level of corrosion resistance provided by PVC. This durable material can stand up to all sorts of corrosive agents without rusting and wearing down. The result? You get longer use out of your valve and a better return on your investment. PVC can also withstand most chemical agents. This makes ball check valves suitable for some diverse applications. With such resistance to an array of chemicals, PVC valves offer remarkable resilience.

The unique design of the ball check valves means that it offers automatic performance. There’s no manual action required. The valves automatically prevent backflow at the most critical times, preserving the integrity of your system and helping avoid contamination.

PVC ball check valves are used in an array of applications, including microelectronics, water treatment, chemical processing, and chemical cooling applications. Thanks to PVC’s excellent properties, you can use these valves in just about any system or setting.

Key features of PVC ball check valves include: 

  • Easy to clean
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Automatic operation
  • Suitable for a variety of applications

We offer PVC ball check valves in a variety of sizes to fit your unique needs. You can also choose from gray or clear ball check valves. All of our PVC ball check valves are true union and come with socket or threaded ends. Browse our selection of PVC ball check valves today! If you need assistance or have a question, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. It is our pleasure to help you.

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