CPVC Check Valves

For critical applications that require the complete prevention of pipeline backflow, CPVC check valves are a dependable and cost-effective solution. These one-way valves allow fluids to pass through in the forward direction unimpeded. Once the forward flow of the liquid stops, the check valve automatically closes to prevent any reverse flow. This is ideal for applications where backflow could damage critical components or cause contamination. 

While ball valves feature the option to manually open or close the flow of liquids through the pipeline system, CPVC check valves have the ability to work automatically. These parts do not have to be manually switched by handle or external device. Instead, CPVC check valves are specifically designed to operate independently based on the flow of the liquid passing through.

CPVC is the ideal material for check valves because its physical properties allow it to withstand high temperatures, high pressures, and a wide range of chemicals. Simply put, CPVC ball check valves are durable, dependable, and will never corrode, rust, or pit. 

Modern Industrial offers CPVC check valves in a variety of sizes, and all of the valves are constructed from high-quality schedule 80 CPVC, which is thicker than schedule 40 PVC, and unlike schedule 80 PVC, they have been treated with chlorine. Since these parts the strongest plastic valves available, they are ideal for use in laboratories, industrial settings, and chemical applications.

Additionally, these CPVC check valves have the ability to be easily implemented into a pipeline system. Since our products are true union check valves, they easily form a watertight seal that is imperative in industrial settings. However, if you feel that the connection needs to be enhanced, adhesives can be applied to provide additional reassurance that the valves will not leak.

Key features include: 

  • Withstands temperatures up to 200⁰F
  • Can handle high pressures
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for chemical applications in lab and industrial settings
  • Low maintenance

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