Clear PVC Pipe

Sometimes, it’s necessary to see what’s going on inside of a pipe system. That’s where clear PVC pipes are the perfect choice. Because they’re totally clear, you can easily monitor the fluids inside the pipes to ensure the success of your application. That’s why clear PVC pipes are often found in labs, manufacturing plants, and clean room applications.

While its clear design is unique, clear PVC still boasts many of the same benefits as traditional white or gray PVC. It’s highly corrosion resistant, so it can handle all kinds of acids, bases, salts, oxidants, and other corrosive chemicals without degrading.

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Additionally, clear PVC pipes have smooth interior walls that help the fluids flow easily without resulting in sediment buildup inside of the pipes.  Other key features of clear PVC pipe include:

  • Ideal for high-pressure applications
  • Fully compatible with standard PVC systems
  • Resistant to bacteria and biological activity
  • Strong and durable

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