Sch 40 PVC Fittings

For pipe systems designed to handle low-pressure applications, such as the water supply in a house, schedule 40 PVC fittings are often used to join sections of pipe together. Thanks to its corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and durability, schedule 40 PVC fittings are able to handle a wide range of fluids without degrading.

The wall thickness of PVC fittings determines their schedule and tells you the amount of PSI the fittings can tolerate. Schedule 40 PVC fittings have thinner walls than schedule 80 PVC fittings, but are perfectly apt for handling applications with low water pressure, which encompasses most plumbing within a home. Furthermore, schedule 40 PVC fittings are more cost-friendly than their schedule 80 PVC counterparts.

In fact, schedule 40 PVC fittings are popular because they are easy to use, lightweight, strong, and cost efficient. In addition to being used in pipe systems that accommodate all types of fluids, schedule 40 fittings are even used to build furniture, tent frames, toys, and tools. 

Schedule 40 PVC fittings can handle temperatures up to 140 ⁰ F and up to 280 PSI. End types for schedule 40 PVC fittings include slip, threaded, or spigot. Slip ends are also referred to as socket and often abbreviated with the letter S. This type of fitting will fit over the pipe and requires the use of an adhesive. Threaded end types can be female threaded (FIPT/FPT) or male threaded (MIPT/MPT). If threaded on the inner portion, it is female and the pipe or other fitting screws into it. If threaded on the outer portion, it is male and screws into a pipe or other fitting. Spigot end types are smooth and go inside of the pipe or other fitting and require the use of an adhesive.

These diverse PVC fittings come in all types of configurations to accommodate a range of setups, including couplings, ells, elbows, tees, and adapters. Adapters allow schedule 40 PVC fittings to be used when connecting iron, copper, or polyethylene pipe easily and without needing to replace the whole piping system.

Popular Schedule 40 PVC Fittings

Although you can use schedule 40 PVC fittings with schedule 80 PVC pipe and vice versa because schedule 40 PVC and schedule 80 PVC pipe have the same outer diameter, it is imperative to remember schedule 40 PVC has a lower maximum PSI rating. Since your entire pipeline system is only as strong as the weakest part, even one schedule 40 PVC fitting means the entire pipeline must be below the 280-PSI threshold.

Some of the common applications where schedule 40 PVC fittings are utilized include:

  • Golf courses
  • Chilled water systems
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas and hot tubs
  • Irrigation systems
  • Potable water

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