PVC Furniture Grade Fittings

Are you looking to build a structure or piece of furniture using PVC pipe and fittings? Interested in creating home décor from PVC? Thinking of constructing some storage units with PVC? If so, you may want to consider using furniture grade PVC fittings. 

At first glance, furniture grade PVC fittings and schedule 40 PVC fittings may look the same, but they are actually quite different. Although both are compatible with all standard PVC pipe (the sizing is the same), furniture grade PVC is not suitable for plumbing. However, furniture grade PVC is perfect for creating structures, like tables, chairs, or tents. It can also be used to create fun items such as sprinklers or decorations for your home (flower vases, wreaths, etc.).

There are thousands of projects you can create using PVC, so why would you use furniture grade over standard PVC? Well, unlike standard PVC, furniture grade PVC is free of markings, such as barcodes and sizing labels, making it more visually appealing. Adding to its visual appeal, furniture grade PVC is made with a high-gloss finish. For functionality, furniture grade PVC is treated to be UV resistant, while standard PVC will turn yellow and become weaker and more brittle if left in the sun for extended periods. This is an important consideration if you are building something that will be exposed to sunlight, like a table or chair for your patio.

There are also fittings unique to furniture grade PVC, such as four-way and five-way fittings. Although they would function poorly for plumbing, three-way, four-way, and five-way fittings are great for building items. Three-way fittings are also known as side outlet elbows, four-way fittings are also called side outlet tees, and five-way fittings can be labeled as side outlet crosses.

Building with furniture grade PVC is simple. You just slip the fittings onto the pipe, making sure your pipe and fittings are the same size. You can add adhesive for extra support if you would like. PVC is great because it is long lasting, strong, and relatively inexpensive. You can make just about anything you can think of and some things you probably wouldn’t even think of! Its versatility is endless.

PVC furniture grade fittings give individuals the unique opportunity to create commonly used items out of an unexpected material. Want to build a lemonade stand for your kids to use during the summer months, or would you rather construct a desktop organizer? Have you ever though about building your own princess dress rack for your little girl, or have you considered building your own bookcase instead of going with the pricey one from the store? 

Yes, we are well aware that it can be much easier to buy things like this from the store. In a culture that has become so wrapped up in technology and moving quickly, we appreciate and encourage our customers to get creative and build new and unexpected things to enjoy. It can even save you money in some instances!

Modern Industrial is dedicated to providing high-quality products and materials to our customers. Whether you plan on using our parts to construct a pipeline system in a large commercial building or to build a simple table for your children to use, our commitment remains the same.

Check out our ample selection and great prices on furniture grade PVC fittings. Give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions or need recommendations. The team at Modern Industrial appreciates being innovative with PVC fittings just as much as you do. We are here for you and would love to help you bring your vision to life.

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