DWV Fittings

Drain, waste, and vent (DWV) fittings are commonly found in home and commercial sanitary systems. As their name implies, DWV fittings are used to connect sections of pipe in systems that handle non-pressurized drain, waste, and venting applications, such as liquid removal from a facility.

Since DWV fittings are made from high-quality plastic, they will never corrode or rust. They can handle many different types of chemicals, acids, bases, salts, and other corrosive agents without wearing down. Additionally, they are durable and rigid, and their smooth interior walls prevent sediment buildup while also aiding the flow of liquids.

DWV fittings look almost identical to schedule 40 PVC fittings. However, DWV fittings are not approved to handle pressurized applications. Although they cannot handle pressurized applications like schedule 40 PVC, DWV fittings typically come in larger sizes than schedule 40 PVC fittings and are less expensive; therefore, they are perfect for their intended purpose. To be sure which product you are purchasing, always check the labeling on each fitting.

Like the abbreviation suggests, these fittings are designed for applications handling drainage, waste, and ventilation; using gravity, DWV fittings create a flow of water and waste through the pipeline system. Since DWV uses gravity and does not handle pressure, they have thinner walls and pressure testing is not required by the manufacturer. For these reasons – fewer products being used and less time –DWV fittings are less expensive than schedule 40 PVC fittings.

Schedule 40 PVC fittings come in three end types: threaded, spigot, and slip; however, DWV fittings only come with threaded or slip endings, and DWV slip ends are different than schedule 40 PVC slip ends. First, they are referred to as “hubs” and will be labeled as HUB x HUB or H x H. Second, a hub end is shallower than schedule 40 PVC slip end.

Although you can use DWV fittings, schedule 40 PVC, and schedule 80 PVC together since they use the same sizing standards, it is important to remember that your pipeline system is only as strong as its weakest link, meaning even having one DWV fitting means you cannot carry pressurized liquids or gases.

Other key features of DWV fittings include:

  • Easy installation
  • Handles temperatures up to 140 F
  • Less expensive than schedule 40 PVC
  • Available in adapters, couplings, cleanouts, expansion joints, plugs, and other types
  • Meets ASTM standards
  • NSF 14 certified

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