Clear PVC Fittings

Certain applications demand instant visibility into the pipe system. Standard PVC is white or gray, preventing the user from seeing what’s inside, but clear PVC pipes and fittings give you the ability to see everything inside the pipe with great clarity. This is ideal for food prep applications, laboratory settings, and other applications where mold or microbial growth cannot be tolerated.

Although some manufacturers have low-quality clear PVC that really more of a dark blue color, Spears clear PVC products are one of the clearest, while still offering outstanding quality. That is why we offer Spears clear PVC products to our customers – we know they deserve the best! While it is impossible for PVC to be 100% clear, Spears clear PVC products have some blue tint, but definitely offer excellent visibility – the clearest you can get.

Clear PVC has the same measurements and capabilities as schedule 40 PVC. It is resistant to corrosion, so it is safe to use with acids, salts, bases, and other corrosive agents. Sediment buildup is prevented thanks to its smooth interior walls, and since its constructed in the same way as schedule 40 PVC, clear PVC can tolerate temperatures up to 140 ⁰ F and up to 280 PSI.

Clear PVC fittings come in three end types: slip, threaded, or spigot. Slip ends require the use of adhesive and are also referred to as socket ends. They are called “slip” ends because they slip over the end of a pipe. Our clear couplings are examples of fittings with a slip end. Threaded ends come as male threaded (MPT/MIPT) or female threaded (FPT/FIPT). Threading on the outer part of the fitting indicates the fitting is male threaded and will screw into a pipe or another fitting. Threading on the inner part of the fitting indicates the fitting is female, and the pipe or other fitting screws into it. Our clear adaptors are examples of threaded-end fittings. Spigot ends are smooth and go inside of the pipe or other fitting. Like slip ends, spigot ends require the use of an adhesive. Our clear bushings are examples of fittings with spigot ends.

Key features include:

  • Excellent visibility into pipeline system
  • Corrosive resistant
  • Can be used with standard couplings, valves, unions, and other fittings
  • Available in tees, elbows, couplings, bushings, wyes, adapters, and more
  • Not recommended for compressed air or gas applications

Simply put, clear PVC fittings offer all of the same benefits as regular PVC with the bonus of aiding in visual monitoring of the process.

We offer clear PVC fittings of all types at great prices. Browse our complete selection of clear PVC fittings today. Fitting types include adapters, bushings, couplings, caps, elbows, tees, and wyes. Sizes range from as small as ¼” to as large as 8”.

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