60 Degree Elbows

Sometimes a PVC pipe system will need slight rerouting. In this case, a 60 elbow may be the solution. Crafted from schedule 40 PVC, this fitting will resist corrosion caused by contact with both soil and water. This makes schedule 40 PVC 60 elbows ideal for underground and underwater applications. More about Schedule 40 PVC …

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30 Degree Elbows

When a PVC pipeline needs to turn at a 30 degree angle, one of our 30 elbows will do the trick. Made of schedule 40 PVC, these elbows will withstand corrosion caused by things found in the soil. Not only that, but they hold up to natural weathering and heat conditions up to 140⁰ F. …

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15 Degree Elbows

An elbow is installed between two lengths of pipe or tubing to allow a change of direction that depends upon the degree of the elbow fitting. A 15 elbow changes the direction of the piping system by 15 degrees, perhaps for clearing an obstacle in the way of the piping system. More about Schedule 40 …

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