15 Degree Elbows

An elbow is installed between two lengths of pipe or tubing to allow a change of direction that depends upon the degree of the elbow fitting. A 15 elbow changes the direction of the piping system by 15 degrees, perhaps for clearing an obstacle in the way of the piping system.

More about Schedule 40 PVC 15 Degree Elbows…

Our 15 elbows are constructed of schedule 40 PVC, so they are strong and long lasting. Their schedule 40 PVC composition also makes them corrosion and chemical resistant, so they are suitable for multiple environments, including commercial, home, factories, and laboratories.

Schedule 40 PVC 15 elbows have a maximum temperature of 140⁰ F. We have 15 elbows in sizes between ½” and 16”.

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