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Brass ball valves offer a cost-effective solution for controlling the flow of liquids in a pipeline. A ball valve features a simple design and function. The inside of the valve is a small ball with a hole through its core. When the valve is turned on, the ball rotates so that the hole is open in the same direction as the pipe’s flow. This allows liquids to pass through the valve. When the valve is shut off, the ball does a quarter turn so that the hole isn’t lined up with the pipeline. This shuts off the flow, creating a leak-proof seal.
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When it comes to metal ball valves, brass is a cheaper option than stainless steel. While it can’t handle the high temperatures and high pressures of its stainless steel counterparts, brass ball valves are still a cost-effective option in many applications.

Important features include:

  • Made of brass
  • Working pressure up to 600 psi in some cases
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in a range of sizes

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