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Schedule 80 PVC S x S x S wyes with all slip-ends are generally used for connecting a third line to an already existing line at a 45-degree angle or to create a split in a line. Wyes are used in a lot of places where you need runoff that a simple tee cannot provide.
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A wye is a commonly needed part when connecting an extra sink or tub to a drainpipe in residential applications, but you'll find plenty of commercial applications as well.

The wide range of commercial applications for this part comes down to the fact that schedule 80 PVC is stronger and thicker than the normal schedule 40. This means that it can be used for systems that have a higher pressure. Additionally, their PVC construction mean they are resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Our schedule 80 PVC S x S x S wyes work well no matter if you're replacing a single fitting or if you're using it as a part of a completely new system. Shop our selection today.