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Schedule 80 PVC FPT x FPT unions are used to connect two pipe runs that may need to be opened up again. These specific unions have female threads on each end of the fitting and are used to join two PVC pipes that have MPT-threaded ends. They are usually gray, but the standard for Schedule 80 is the thickness of the walls and not the color.
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Schedule 80 pipes and fittings have thicker walls than Schedule 40 PVC, and they are designed to carry liquids under pressure. They work well in many situations where Schedule 40 counterparts would crack or burst. 

The union body consists of two halves that are abutted and drawn together into a seal using a nut and thread. One half of the union body features male threading, and the other half holds a nut that is tightened onto the threaded portion to create the seal. The benefit of using a Schedule 80 PVC union over a coupling is that the union separates quickly without twisting or moving the connected pipes. A pair of unions can create a removable segment of pipe run that allows blockages to be cleared or pieces of equipment to be inserted into the run. 

FPT unions create fast, removable connections in Schedule 80 PVC pipe, and unlike solvent-welded slip fittings, threaded fittings can be disassembled and reused. There is no solvent glue-curing period, and pipes joined with threaded fittings can be put to immediate use.

As with all schedule 80 fittings, these unions are strong and durable, so they are appropriate for connecting pipes carrying pressurized liquids or corrosive materials at temperatures below 140⁰ F.

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