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Tees (Slip)

Schedule 80 PVC slip tees are designed to introduce a branch line into a pipe run or split from an existing line. This allows liquids to be added to or withdrawn from the flow of the pipe run. Slip tees are often used to install serial outlets or to create service loops on fluid distribution systems.
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A slip tee is often described as a socket tee or a tee (S). The single socket description indicates that all three ends have the same slip connection. Slip sockets are the most common type of PVC connection, and they are permanently bonded to pipes using a simple solvent welding process. The weld requires the use of a solvent primer to soften the PVC, followed by solvent glue that melts the parts together. 

Schedule 80 PVC slip tees have thicker walls than their schedule 40 PVC counterparts and are primarily used to handle liquids under higher pressures. PVC is resistant to many chemicals; therefore, Schedule 80 PVC slip tees are also used to in industrial applications that deal with corrosive acids and bases. They are available in pipe sizes from ¼to 4”.

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