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Tees (S x S x FPT)

Schedule 80 PVC S x S x FPT tees feature opposing slip sockets along the pipe run and a branch socket with female pipe threads. The slip sockets along the pipe run are solvent-welded to unthreaded pipe, and the FPT branch end accepts a pipe with an MPT end.
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The slip sockets are joined using standard primers and glues. The primer softens the PVC and allows the glue to penetrate into the walls of the pipe and socket. The glue melts the inner wall of the tee and the outer wall of the inserted pipe together to form a strong, permanent join.

The connection between the FPT end of the tee and the MPT end of the pipe creates an equally strong, but reversible join when connected using a thread sealant and proper tightening procedures. The FPT branch socket is appropriate for applications where removal of the branch pipe is anticipated.

As with all Schedule 80 fittings, Schedule 80 PVC S x S x FPT tees are used in commercial applications dealing with liquids under pressure and below 140⁰ F or in industrial applications dealing with corrosive acids, bases, or salt solutions.

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