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Tees (FPT)

Schedule 80 PVC FPT tees allow the connection of an MPT branch line to a split MPT pipe run. They can be used to draw liquids from the pipe run, as with irrigation lines or sprinkler heads, or they may be used to introduce liquids into the pipe run, as with additive feed lines and service loops on water systems. 
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When a tee is described as FPT, it means that all three sockets of the tee feature female pipe threads and accept MPT pipes. Schedule 80 PVC tees have thicker walls than schedule 40 PVC tees and are designed to handle increased pressurizes at temperatures up to 140⁰ F. They are also resistant to acids, bases, oxidants, halogens, and most aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Schedule 80 PVC FPT tees are available in sizes from ¼” through 8”, and they are usually gray in color, although this is not an industry standard. Shop our schedule 80 PVC FPT tees now.