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Reducing Tees

Schedule 80 PVC reducing tees feature two opposing ends of the same size and a smaller diameter ends at a right angle to the other two. The opposing ends are known as the run sockets, and the smaller end at a right angle to these is known as the branch socket. They are available with slip fittings, threaded fittings, flanged fittings, or any combination of the three.
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Although they are usually gray, the coloring of PVC fittings and pipe is not an industry standard. Fittings, including tees, are classified as Schedule 80 based on the thickness of the wall. They are intended to withstand high-pressure applications and are often found in commercial plumbing systems.

Schedule 80 PVC reducing tees can be used to create a pressure drop across the orifice of the branch opening. Depending on the flow velocity of the liquid in the pipe run, this pressure drop can be enough to draw liquids from the branch line into the pipe run. Reducing tees are often used to introduce small amounts of additives into a plumbing system. They are used for this purpose in wastewater treatment systems and in chemical processing systems. They can also be used to split one line into two larger lines.

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