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Sch 80 PVC Tees

Schedule 80 PVC tees can be used to introduce an additional liquid into the flow of the pipe run, to draw off portions from the main run, or even to purposefully create a large pressure drop across the tee’s branch line orifice. They are frequently used to connect sprinkler heads for fire suppression systems, irrigation sprinklers, and sampling ports on industrial chemical lines.
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Schedule 80 PVC is thick-walled and appropriate for pressurized liquids that are under 140⁰ F. Because PVC has a high degree of resistance to industrial acids and bases, it is also appropriate for piping corrosive liquids.

When the sockets are all of the same size, the fitting is simply called a tee. When the branch socket is smaller than the sockets along the pipe run, the fitting is known as a reducing tee. The sockets may be slip sockets, FPT, or MPT sockets, or have flanged ends. Flange-ended fittings are commonly used in industrial applications.

The ends on schedule 80 PVC tees come in a variety of configurations. When the ends are uniform, the tee description features a single socket designation. Schedule 80 PVC tee (S), for example, indicates all of the sockets are slip or socket types. When the ends differ, the tee description usually lists all three ends designations with the branch socket referenced last. For example, a schedule 80 PVC S x S x MPT tee has slip sockets along the pipe run and male pipe threads on the branch socket.

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