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Sch 80 PVC Plugs

We have a selection of three main types of schedule 80 PVC plugs. Our spigot plugs have round heads and slip right in, but we also have both female-threaded and male-threaded plugs with octagon heads for easy turning. These plugs are used for sealing off the end of a pipe or an unused portion of a fitting.
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Schedule 80 PVC plugs stand up to more pressure than schedule 40 PVC plugs thanks to their increased thickness. They can also handle temperatures as high as 140⁰ F. Even if your plug will be handling stagnant fluids, you won't have to worry about the integrity of the fitting because it's corrosion and chemical resistant. This also means you can use these plugs underwater or in underground settings since you don't have to be worried about the pipe degrading from oxidants, salts, bases or most acids in the soil.

We offer these plugs in every major size from ¼” up to 4”, so you can be sure we will have the fitting you need. Browse our selection now.