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Our schedule 80 PVC nipples with a two-way male pipe thread are designed to create a strong connection between two pieces of female-threaded pipe. They can also be used a sort of converter between a female-threaded pipe and a fitting that uses a female pipe thread. Because strength is so important in these connections, our schedule 80 PVC MPT x MPT nipples are built thicker than their schedule 40 PVC counterparts for additional durability in the toughest applications. 
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As an internal fitting, our schedule 80 PVC nipples are good with a wide range of fluids up to 140⁰ F, and they can handle higher pressures than schedule 40 PVC nipples. The maximum PSI varies based on the size of each fitting.

Since these nipples fit inside of the connection between two pieces of pipe, it's important to know that they are resistant to both corrosion and many types of chemicals. This resistance is one of the biggest reasons why schedule 80 PVC is ideal for residential and commercial applications.

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