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Sch 80 PVC Nipples


Schedule 80 PVC nipples are used to connect two pieces of pipe or two fittings that both have female pipe threads. While these nipples are primarily used to create an extended piece of pipe by adding on an extra section, they are also used in applications where the correct fitting is not available. In these situations, the nipple acts as a converter. 
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Schedule 80 PVC is capable of handling temperatures up to 140⁰ F and can handle a higher level of pressure than schedule 40. The recommended pressure rating can vary depending on the size of the pipe and fittings being used. However, there is plenty of an allowance for drain applications for just about any kind of fluid, which is one of the main perks of going with schedule 80 PVC – it’s resistant to corrosion from many types of chemicals.

We offer schedule 80 PVC nipples in a variety of sizes, and we’re always here to assist you.