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Flanges (Slip)

Schedule 80 PVC slip flanges are primarily used to connect your plumbing or drain system to different types of equipment, but they can also be used to strengthen parts of a plumbing system or to act as a cut-off to stop flow in places where a cap isn't practical. No matter if you're using this fitting for a connection to a filter, a pump, or anything else, you'll find that the slip style of flange makes for a simple connection that only takes a few moments to put together correctly. 
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These schedule 80 PVC slip flanges are created with an extra thickness that makes them tougher than the usual schedule 40 fittings. This thickness allows the flanges to handle a higher PSI. The bolt holes create a snug connection when joining two surfaces together. 

The PVC make-up means the flanges are resistant to corrosion from chemicals and oxidation from moisture, and this makes them ideal for underwater or underground applications. No matter if you're going with the small ½” flange or the huge 12” flange, you'll have peace of mind thanks to the thickness and durability of these fittings.

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