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Flanges (Blind)

A blind schedule 80 PVC flange is a flat disk or plate that is intended to reversibly close a pipe or fitting that features another flange. The flange is a flat disk that aligns with the end of a pipe or fitting. It has holes evenly disbursed around the outer edge, and a shallow half-channel encircles the pipe or fitting opening between the opening and the bolt holes.
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To create the closure, an O-ring is inserted into the channel. The blind flange is then carefully fitted to the first flange so that the O-ring lies within each half-channel on the flanges. The O-ring is slightly thicker than the combined channel depth. The bolt holes are then aligned, and bolts are inserted and fastened tightly with nuts. Tightening the nuts forces the flange plates together, and the compression flattens the O-ring into a tight seal at the matched channels. 

Blind flanges create a quick and secure closure against any flanged pipe or fitting, and they are easily removable to reconnect additional piping or equipment. The thickness, durability, and affordability of schedule 80 PVC make these flanges ideal for sealing pipes or vessels carrying pressurized or corrosive liquids.

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