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SPG x Slip

In many situations, a pipeline will need to have turns to fit within the structure of the building it’s being installed. Special fittings must be used to connect pipes along these turns without impeding flow. Schedule 80 PVC SPG x Slip elbows allow you to securely connect two different pipes together at a 90-degree angle to build your pipeline to fit your needs.
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Thick schedule 80 PVC offers a number of advantages over schedule 40 PVC and other metal materials. Schedule 80 PVC is strong and resilient. It offers great corrosion resistance, and it won’t warp, rust, or pit. Additionally, schedule 80 PVC is able to handle high pressures, making it well suited for irrigation and other high-pressure applications. These particular schedule 80 PVC elbows have a SPG (spigot) x Slip end configuration for easy installation with an adhesive product.

Some other features of note include:

  • SPG x Slip ends
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Budget-friendly choice
  • Offers additional strength at joints
  • Available in different sizes

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