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Sch 80 PVC Elbows

With schedule 80 PVC elbows, you can easily connect two pipes at a 90-degree angle to turn the flow of fluids through the system. These fittings are essential in pipelines that need to have turns and bends to be routed around existing structures and obstacles.
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Because these elbows are made from schedule 80 PVC, they are very durable and versatile. Schedule 80 is resistant to corrosion, doesn’t warp, and can accommodate high temperatures and high pressures without wearing out. In many cases, these schedule 80 PVC elbows are used in schedule 40 pipelines to give extra support and strength at joints, which are prone to weak spots. Keep in mine that your system is as only as strong as your weakest point, so you would still have the maximum PSI of schedule 40 PVC if you did this.

Some important features include:

  • Manufactured from thick schedule 80 PVC
  • Slip x Slip and SPG x Slip end configurations available
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for underground and underwater applications
  • Available in multiple sizes

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