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Sch 80 PVC Caps


If the end of your pipeline has an opening, it needs to be capped to stop the flow and prevent any leaks. That’s the purpose of schedule 80 PVC caps. These fittings are easily installed on the end of a pipeline to cap the flow, providing a cost-effective solution to your needs.
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Schedule 80 PVC is the perfect material for cap fittings. It’s thick and durable, and can sustain high temperatures and high pressures without breaking. Additionally, schedule 80 PVC caps are corrosion resistant, so they won’t rust or pit, even when handling the harshest chemicals.

Important features include:

  • Used for capping the end of a pipe
  • Threaded and non-threaded ends available
  • Thick and durable
  • Used in chemical processing, plumbing, irrigation, and sewer applications
  • Wide selection of sizes

We have schedule 80 PVC caps in a range of sizes and styles. Browse our site to get started!