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Sch 80 PVC Bushings


When two pipes that have different diameters need to be connected, schedule 80 PVC bushings are the fitting of choice. Pipeline systems can be found in various applications and with different layouts that have their own unique requirements. Schedule 80 PVC bushings allow contractors to easily use pipes of any size that they may need.
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While bushings and couplings serve a similar purpose, the main difference between these two types of fittings is that bushings usually have threaded ends, and couplings usually have slip ends, although both come in threaded and slip ends. There is a wider selection of threaded ends with bushings and a wider selection of slip ends with couplings. Fittings with threaded ends are capable of ensuring a tight seal without having to use additional adhesives.

We offer schedule 80 PVC bushings with various end types, including SPG x S, SPG x FPT, and MPT x FPT. Regardless of their ends, all schedule 80 PVC bushings are durable, affordable, and ideal for high-pressure applications. 

Key features of schedule 80 PVC bushings:

  • Made from schedule 80 PVC
  • Wide variety of sizes available
  • Able to withstand higher pressures
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Maximum operating temperature of 140⁰ F

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