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Female (Slip x FPT)

Sometimes two pipe ends must be connected in a PVC pipe system, but the ends do not match. In these cases, special adapters must be used. One such fitting is the slip x FPT female adapter. This schedule 80 PVC fitting has a slip end and a female-threaded end.
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More about Schedule 80 PVC Slip x FPT Female Adapters...

Since these are schedule 80 PVC adapters, they can handle greater pressure than their schedule 40 PVC counterparts. Made of durable PVC, they are resistant to corrosion that is caused by coming into contact with water and dirt. They are affordable and dependable. 

Features of schedule 80 PVC slip x FPT female adapters include:

  • Handles temperatures up to 140⁰ F
  • Come in various sizes
  • Reasonably priced
  • Ability to maintain flow due to smooth interior

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