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Sch 80 PVC Adapters

Schedule 80 PVC adapters combine two pieces of pipe with two different end types in a linear fashion. These fittings come in a variety of sizes with various ends, making them quite resourceful. Common end types include Slip x FPT and MPT x Slip.
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As schedule 80 PVC fittings, they enjoy the same benefits as schedule 40 PVC fittings, along with the ability to handle higher pressures. They will not fall victim to corrosion caused by soil, salt, or water. This makes them useful for many different residential, as well as commercial, applications.

Features and benefits of schedule 80 PVC adapters:

  • PVC durability
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Non-corrosive
  • Available with various ends and in various sizes
  • Maximum temperature 140⁰ F

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