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Schedule 80 PVC 45 elbows are used within a pipeline system when the lines need to maneuver in ways that a rigid pipe alone cannot.  While pipes only allow liquids to flow in a straight line, these elbows create 45-degree angles so that the flow can be changed to the necessary direction or to maneuver around existing structures.
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There are several specific types of schedule 80 PVC 45 elbows available, and one style that we offer features Slip x Slip ends. Since these elbows have smooth ends, adhesive materials or methods are necessary to make the connection between the elbow and the pipes.

Schedule 80 PVC slip x slip 45 elbows are ideal for several types of plumbing applications, including residential, commercial, irrigation, and underwater projects. Check out our complete selection for more details.

Key features of schedule 80 PVC slip x slip 45 elbows include:

  • Made from schedule 80 PVC
  • Slip x Slip ends
  • Sizes ¼” to 12” are available
  • Able to withstand higher pressures
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Maximum operating temperature of 140⁰ F