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Sch 80 CPVC Wyes


Schedule 80 CPVC wyes allow you to combine two pipelines. If you need to mix two solutions, like at a chemical processing plant, you can easily do so with a wye. Wyes also allow you to split one pipeline into two different pipelines, so you could also use a wye to take one main pipeline and split it off into two areas of your plant or factory.
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A wye has a 45-degree angle, as opposed to a 90-degree like a tee. This is important if you’re worried about hindering the flow in the pipeline, as the smaller angle reduces friction and turbulence.

Schedule 80 is stronger than schedule 40, making it able to handle higher pressures. Going a step further, CPVC is able to withstand higher pressures and higher temperatures than schedule 80 PVC. CPVC is also more corrosive and fire resistant. Additionally, CPVC is also able to tolerate most solvents, acids, and bases.

Because they are so hardy and dependable even in severe environments, schedule 80 CPVC wyes are the optimal choice for industrial use. As such, they are often used to handle wastewater treatment, corrosive liquids, chemical drainage, chemical processing, plating, and more.

We carry schedule 80 CPVC standard 45 wyes and reducing 45 wyes. Browse our schedule 80 CPVC wyes and give us a call if you have any questions.