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Plug (MPT)

Schedule 80 CPVC MPT plugs are the answer when the end of a schedule 80 pipeline needs to be plugged up. Featuring a male-threaded end, these plugs fit snuggly inside female ends of pipe or fittings, providing a dependable seal that will not leak. Since they do not require glue, these plugs can be removed should the pipe system require expansion or inspection. 
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More about Schedule 80 CPVC MPT Plugs...

Schedule 80 fittings are thicker than schedule 40 fittings. This allows it to handle higher pressures. Also, their CPVC construction increases their temperature handling abilities from 140⁰ F to 210⁰ F. For these reasons, these fittings are often used in chemical processing applications, as well as firefighting applications.

Features and benefits of schedule 80 CPVC MPT plugs:

  • Male-threaded end
  • Non-corrosive qualities
  • High heat resistance
  • Dark grey color
  • Well-suited for firefighting applications, as well as chemical processing

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