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Van Stone (FPT)

Schedule 80 CPVC flanges come in a variety of different styles. One of the most popular types of flanges is the Van Stone flange, also known as loose ring flanges. These flanges are made of two pieces, and they feature a unique free-floating ring design. This allows for the bolt holes to be aligned after attaching the flange to pipe, making installation a breeze.
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These particular flanges have female-threaded ends, allowing you to securely thread a fitting with a MPT end into the flange. The schedule 80 CPVC FPT Van Stone flanges can be used to cut off the flow of a pipe, increase the strength of a pipe, or attach accessories, such as spray nozzles, to the end of a pipe.

Important features include:

  • Female- threaded end
  • Free-floating ring design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Withstand temperatures up to 200⁰ F
  • Idea for high-pressure applications
  • Available in a range of sizes

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