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Flange (Slip)

When you need to stop the flow within a pipe or make it possible for other pieces to be attached to the system, flanges are the product of choice. Additionally, if you are working with high-pressure and high-temperature applications that require extra strength and durability, schedule 80 CPVC flanges may be option you want to choose.
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More about Schedule 80 CPVC Slip Flanges...

The schedule 80 CPVC flanges we offer are available in a variety of styles, including ones that feature slip ends. Essentially, this means that slip flanges are able to slip over the end of the pipe without having to screw directly into it, but they are still able to provide all of the support and strength you need with the use of an adhesive. 

Our schedule 80 CPVC slip flanges are made of Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride material. They are also manufactured to meet ASTM D1784 Standards and come NSF-14 Certified.

Key features include:

  • Made from schedule 80 CPVC
  • Slip ends
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Maximum operating temperature of 200⁰ F 

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