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Flange (FPT)

Constructed of high-quality Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride material, Modern Industrial offers a wide selection of schedule 80 CPVC flanges for your plumbing needs. Flanges are used when the flow within a system needs to be stopped or you would like to attach additional pieces to the pipe, such as a spray nozzle.
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More about Schedule 80 CPVC FPT Flanges...

One specific flange that we offer is the schedule 80 CPVC FPT flange. While there are several variations of flanges for you to choose from, these FPT flanges feature female pipe threads. This makes it possible for the flanges to directly connect to the male-threaded end of a pipe.

Since these flanges are made with CPVC, they are thicker, stronger, and more corrosion resistant than other flanges available on the market. Check out some of our specific products for even more information about our schedule 80 CPVC FPT flanges. 

Key features of schedule 80 CPVC FPT  flanges include: 

  • Made from schedule 80 CPVC
  • Female-threaded end
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Maximum operating temperature of 200⁰ F