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Sch 80 CPVC Couplings

Schedule 80 CPVC couplings allow you to easily and securely connect two pieces of pipe together in a straight line. These couplings are used in a variety of fluid handling applications and play an integral role in building a pipeline. Schedule 80 CPVC couplings are available in a range of sizes and configurations, including different end types, such as S (socket, slip, or spigot) and FPT (Female Pipe Threaded).
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Schedule 80 CPVC can withstand higher temperatures and higher pressures than standard PVC. CPVC can withstand temperatures up to 200⁰ F, whereas standard PVC is only rated for a maximum operating temperature of 140⁰ F. That’s why it’s often used in hot water applications in addition to cold water systems, chemical processing, drainage, and a variety of other fluid handling applications.

Key features include:

  • Made from schedule 80 CPVC
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Max operating temperature of 200⁰ F
  • Available in S and FPT ends

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