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Bushings (Spg x S)

When two schedule 80 CPVC pipes of different diameters must be joined, a bushing can do the job. SPG x S bushings come with one spigot end and one slip socket end. Please note that the slip socket end must be sealed using an approved solvent cement, making a permanent bind.
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More about Schedule 80 CPVC SPG x S Bushings...

Although bushings and couplings serve a similar purpose, bushings usually have threaded ends, and couplings usually have slip ends. Both come in threaded and slip ends; however, you will find a wider selection of threaded ends with bushings and a wider selection of slip ends with couplings.

Schedule 80 fittings are thicker than schedule 40 fittings. This allows them to be able to handle higher pressures. Furthermore, CPVC fittings are able to handle higher temperatures than PVC fittings. Available in many different sizes, these bushings also have the ability to stand up to corrosive elements.

Key benefits and features of schedule 80 CPVC SPG x S bushings include:

  • Ability to handle up to 210⁰ F
  • Will not corrode, making them durable and reliable
  • Ability to handle higher pressures
  • Fire resistant

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