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Bushings (Spg x FPT)

Schedule 80 CPVC SPG x FPT bushings are useful for joining schedule 80 CPVC pipes of different diameters. This fitting features one spigot end and one female-threaded end. The schedule 80 CPVC construction makes these bushings more durable and even stronger than schedule 80 PVC.
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More about Schedule 80 CPVC SPG x FPT Bushings...

Bushings and couplings have a similar use, but the main difference between the two is that bushings usually have threaded ends, and couplings usually have slip ends, although both come in threaded and slip ends. Bushings provide a wider selection of threaded ends, while couplings provide a wider selection of slip ends. Fittings with threaded ends are capable of ensuring a tight seal without having to use additional adhesives.

Schedule 80 fittings are typically used in high-pressure applications. The thickness allows them to handle greater pressure than schedule 40 fittings. CPVC fittings are best suited for high-temperature applications. Thus, schedule 80 CPVC fittings are great for both high pressure and high-temperature jobs. Common applications include fire suppression, as well as chemical processing.

Key features of SPG x FPT bushings:

  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Fire and heat resistant up to 210⁰ F
  • Ability to handle corrosive chemicals
  • Durable and long lasting

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