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Male (S x MPT)

At times, CPVC pipes will need to be joined at a point where there are two mismatched ends. Depending on the end types, schedule 80 CPVC S X MPT male adapters may provide the perfect answer. These fittings feature one slip socket end and one male-threaded end.

CPVC offers all the same features as PVC with added benefits. Primarily, CPVC fittings are resistant to heat up to 210⁰ F, while PVC is only rated to 140⁰ F. The fact that they are schedule 80 means that they can handle higher pressures than schedule 40, due to thicker inner walls.
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Features of our schedule 80 CPVC S x MPT male adapters:

  • Resistant to chemical corrosion
  • Available in a wide variety of diameters
  • A slip socket and male-threaded end
  • Heat resistant up to 210⁰ F
  • Strong and durable

Take a look at the schedule 80 CPVC S x MPT male adapters today.