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45 Elbow (S x S)

Schedule 80 CPVC 45 elbows are the perfect fit when a small turn is needed in a piping system. The S X S elbows feature two slip socket ends. These ends require an adhesive to ensure the seal is leak proof. For this reason, this fitting is often used in permanent pipe systems.
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CPVC construction means two things: these fittings are resistant to a variety of chemicals and corrosion, and they are heat resistant up to 210⁰ F. Their schedule 80 construction also means they have an increased pressure-handling ability. For these reasons, schedule 80 CPVC fittings are often used in chemical processing and fire suppression.

Key features of the schedule 80 CPVC S X S 45 elbows:

  • Available in sizes ranging from a ¼” to 12”
  • Smooth interior
  • Ability to handle higher pressures
  • Max temperature 210⁰ F
  • Dual slip socket ends

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