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45 Elbow (FPT x FPT)

There are times when a piping system needs to be slightly turned. If that piping system is made of schedule 80 CPVC, then a schedule 80 CPVC 45 elbow will do the trick. This FPT X FPT version has two female-threaded ends.
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CPVC fittings are useful for applications that require the need to handle liquids with higher temperatures. Schedule 80 fittings are stronger than the schedule 40 variety, due to thickness of their inner walls. Since these elbows are made of CPVC and are schedule 80, they can withstand chemicals and corrosion, as well as higher temperatures and pressures.

Key features of schedule 80 CPVC FPT X FPT 45 elbows:

  • Available in sizes ranging from ¼” to 12”
  • Can resist heat up to 210⁰ F
  • Two female-threaded ends
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • Ability to handle higher pressures

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