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Schedule 40 PVC wyes are the ideal solution when you need to create branches off of a pipeline to help encourage efficient flow through the system. We carry several types of these PVC fittings, but our double wyes are slightly different.
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Instead of creating just one branch, Schedule 40 PVC double wyes feature two branches that come off the main line at 45-degree angles. Depending on your project needs, you can get even more specific in the type of double wye that you need. We have Schedule 40 PVC double wyes that feature outlets of all the same size, and we also have some fittings in which the branches are slightly smaller, serving as a reducer.

Since they are constructed of schedule 40 PVC, these fittings are sturdy, lightweight, and able to withstand high temperatures up to 140⁰ F. They are also resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

Check out all of the schedule 40 PVC double wyes we carry to find the right fitting for your plumbing system.