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A tee is one of the most versatile fittings in plumbing. It can be used to either join separate lines or to create a new line off an existing one. Class 125 PVC fittings are very similar to standard schedule 40 fittings. In fact, the only difference between the two is testing.
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More about Class 125 Tees...

Class 125 does not undergo any testing, while schedule 40 PVC must meet strict criteria through testing before it can leave the manufacturer. They are made of the same material as schedule 40 PVC, so class 125 tees are still tough. If your job doesn’t require inspections, you can consider using class 125 tees. Although it’s not guaranteed, you’re likely to get the same results from class 125 tees as you would from schedule 40 PVC tees.

Key features and benefits of class 125 tees are as follows:

  • Made using the same materials and process as schedule 40 PVC
  • Available with different types and sizes of ends
  • Affordably priced

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