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With smooth socket connections, schedule 40 PVC S x S x S side elbows make it easy to slide pipes together to create durable, long-lasting connections. Side elbows allow you to connect three different pieces of same-sized pipe, each at a 90-degree angle from one another. Simply apply a cement adhesive to create a tight, waterproof seal that lasts and lasts.
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Schedule 40 PVC S x S x S side elbows can be used in a variety of plumbing and construction applications. Because they are lightweight and strong, they are often used to build tents, canopies, trade show displays, and a wide range of non-permanent structures. PVC is also corrosion and chemical resistant, making it useful in plumbing and other cold water applications as well.

Key features include:

  • Socket ends
  • Manufactured from schedule 40 PVC
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Easy installation with cement adhesive
  • Available in multiple sizes

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