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Sch 40 PVC Elbows

When the flow of a liquid within a pipeline needs to be turned at an angle to fit within an existing location, schedule 40 PVC elbows are the product of choice. This type of fitting is ideal when working on a plumbing system where the flow must be redirected in order to access outside lines or avoid existing structures within a home’s infrastructure. 
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Because of the maneuverability they offer, schedule 40 PVC elbows are commonly used in home plumbing projects. However, the durability of the PVC material allows them to also be a valid option for factories, laboratories, and other types of commercial facilities.

The schedule 40 PVC elbows provided by Modern Industrial are able to withstand high temperatures of up to 140⁰ F and corrosive materials, and are also fire resistant. Browse our complete selection of fittings for additional information.