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Class 125

Class 125 PVC couplings are similar to schedule 40 PVC couplings in a number of ways. They come from the exact same manufacturing and have the same dimensions as their schedule 40 counterparts. The main difference lies in testing. While schedule 40 PVC fittings undergo specific tests to ensure they meet detailed industry standards, class 125 PVC couplings do not; they are taken straight from the line and sold.
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While not technically schedule 40 PVC couplings, these fittings are made using the same material and process. They are ideal for jobs where cost is an issue and tight specs don’t need to be met. In most cases, class 125 PVC couplings will offer the exact same performance as schedule 40 couplings at a fraction of the price, although it’s not a guarantee.

Key features include:

  • Class 125 PVC fitting
  • Affordable
  • Built using the same materials and process as schedule 40 PVC fittings
  • Available in different sizes

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